Clarity Jewellery
Detailed information

The Clarity Jewellery Group of companies has over 60 years combined experience in jewellery manufacturing.

Our experience has shown us that the most valuable commodity in the world is trust… it takes years to earn and seconds to lose, which is why trust is paramount in the relationship that we have with our customers.

As a manufacturer, our company name is our promise. A promise to our customers, a promise of quality, consistency and reliability and our commitment in delivering products and a level of service that sets us above other manufacturers.
We are proud of our uniqueness in that we are truly international, benefiting from both UK and Hong Kong headquarters.

We manufacture a comprehensive proven range in both 18 carat gold and platinum using natural diamonds and gemstones. We also offer a bespoke service to independent jewellers which sets us apart from the mass production for the multiple market.
Underlining our personal touch, the business directors are the perfect partnership of UK nationals and Hong Kong nationals with absolute commitment to quality and excellence.

Our continued growth is through building long term customer loyalty and helping others succeed in their businesses. Simple, but it works!

Country: United Kingdom