Short description

Curteis is one of the leading UK-based precious metal jewellery manufacturers, selling to retailers, designers, wholesalers and fellow manufacturers. We take pride in upholding traditional family values and our utmost priority is to deliver top-quality products and service.

We continuously explore innovative manufacturing methods, leveraging technology to collaborate closely with our customers. That aside, we also embrace and champion good old fashioned traditional craftsmanship. This collaborative approach enables us to build strategic relationships and collectively shape the industry's dynamics.

Our extensive product range showcases our commitment to UK-made excellence, with a particular emphasis on our core product: chains.

We proudly offer our renowned bespoke service, "Curteis Creates," providing customers the opportunity to manufacture their own unique range using our dedicated facilities.

Curteis is a distinguished jewellery manufacturer, driven by our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our personalised approach and unwavering commitment, we have established ourselves as leaders within the industry.

Country: United Kingdom