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Dialog is the world’s first subscription service for diamond retailers to merchandise their loose diamond inventory. Originally launched in November of 2020, Dialog is now in over 100 doors in Canada, the US, Australia, the UK and Ireland.

The team at Dialog works with each retailer to curate a perfect merchandise selection from the Dialog platform. Diamonds selected are then shipped to the store the very next day and can remain there indefinitely. The diamonds are always in the retailer’s store. The only cost is a monthly subscription fee. With subscription services like Netflix and Spotify in your life, would you ever go back to buying a movie or CD? The team at Dialog don’t think so and created Dialog to provide jewellers a modern alternative to traditional diamond sourcing. The retailer does not pay for the diamond unless it sells and if an item is not turning, they can exchange it for another, like a library for diamonds. Plus, as soon as retailer reports the sale on the Dialog platform, a similar replacement diamond can be shipped to their store the very next day.

Dialog offers a full range of natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, as well as a full jewellery collection through its platform.

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