Ora Pearls
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Short description

O R A P E A R L S was created by pearl specialist and jewellery designer Bibi Southwell, who has spent over a decade sourcing and developing relationships with pearl farming communities and gem suppliers all over the world.

Bibi’s fascination with pearls and tracing their sources originated as a hobby after discovering pearl farms across Asia while travelling between her studies at University College London (UCL). Her obsession with the gem continued alongside her career in private equity, during which she became qualified with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Bibi finally left the corporate world to launch ORA in 2016. As a nod to her degrees in Classics and Ancient History, the name “ORA” is taken from the Latin for “shore” or “coastline,” which is notably the boundary between humans and pearls.

Bibi hand selects the pearls at the sources ensuring the finest quality and every item is hand made by the designer herself in her studio in Chelsea, London. Her vision is to create simple designs that do not overshadow the innate beauty and timeless character of nature’s most natural gem. Her focus on fresh, minimalist and elegant design achieves the perfect balance between modern and classic.

Detailed information

To book a meeting at the UK Jewellery Festival, please email bibi@orapearls.com

Country: United Kingdom