Ungar & Ungar
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Now established for over ten years, Ungar and Ungar comprises a husband and wife team, whose roots are far reaching in the jewellery trade. Bernard Ungar is a descendant of fine jewellers from Eastern Europe. The name Ungar has been synonymous with the jewellery trade for five generations.

The collection is unique, reminiscent of style and quality from a bygone age.

Crafted by artisans, the styling encompasses the time-honoured tradition of hand mill-graining - a painstaking process that imprints every piece with an exquisite pattern and elevates the jewellery into the couture realm of wearable art. There are handcrafted Art Deco pendants, bursting with micro-set diamonds and seductive colour; our signature Perennial Collection of floral bands; a luxurious earring selection, featuring the Social Climbers that are currently so desirable; beautiful pearl and diamond pieces for the discerning bride; stackable, geometric link Art Deco bracelets; our heirloom and bespoke pieces; and platinum, pink, yellow and white gold appear throughout the collection. Mounts, designed to flaunt a solitaire diamond, can be supplied, without the central diamond, to enable a customer to select the stone of their choice. A team of lapidary artists and engravers work consistently to meet the most exacting Old World standards.

Creativity and craftsmanship are everything.

It is the customer who chooses the style of the jewellery, decides how to mix and match pieces from the collection, and dictates the selection of precious metals and gems.

For Ruth, Bernard's wife and co-Director, their maxim is, “Enduring elegance, timeless and delicate - with a dash of drama and nostalgia - coupled with excellent customer service and care”.

Country: United Kingdom