Jamie Amelia Patel, The Diamond Lab
Jamie Amelia Patel
The Diamond Lab

Jamie Amelia Patel is the founder and creator behind The Diamond Lab, a London-based jewellery brand that debuted in May 2023. With a mission to raise awareness and re-educate diamond enthusiasts, The Diamond Lab also presents a revolutionary collection of jewellery, making luxury accessible to all. Jamie has a rich background in the world of fine jewellery, watches, and accessories, having held prominent roles at Chanel fine jewellery, Christian Dior fine jewellery, De Beers, Piaget, Ara Vartanian, and Jessica McCormack. Transitioning to a consultant role, Jamie focused on content and brand strategy within the luxury goods sector. During this time, Jamie forged valuable partnerships with renowned brands like Rolex, Aurum Group, and Calleija. Her passion and expertise have culminated in The Diamond Lab, a jewellery brand that blends sophistication, accessibility, and community-driven values, making it a shining beacon in luxury jewellery.